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St Peter Tuy (St Phêrô Lê Tùy)


Peter Tuy was a parish priest in West Tonkin and one of the Martyrs of Vietnam. He was born in 1773 in a wealthy family in Bang Son, Hà Ðông, Hanoi, Vietnam, and sent by his parents to study in the seminary.

He was a popular priest: witty, kind, and caring. After thirty years of service, however, the authorities banned the priests and he had to work underground. One day he went to anoint a dying man in a small parish between two pagan villages. He was captured and then imprisoned and questioned for three months. Normally a man over 60 would not be executed, but he received no mercy. “I am ready”, he said.

He was beheaded by Vietnamese authorities on 11 October 1833 in Quan Ban, Vietnam.  His composure won over many who watched his execution. Many Vietnamese Catholics venerate his tomb and his memory. He was beatified on 27 May 1900 by Pope Leo XIII and canonized on 19 June 1988 by Pope John Paul II.