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Independence and Communion

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Sebastian Moore

We want a God who supports us in our lust to dominate each other, who is thus a grandiose version of ourselves. And this is a God who is angry as we are, who differs from us only in having limitless power to impose his will and to punish. This is God-like-us, and it is the whole purpose of God’s self-disclosure to show us that there is no such being, which gives to our mind a huge breath of fresh air called Holy Spirit. In this fresh air, we see each other for the first time, in the love that God is.


John Zizioulas

When the Holy Spirit blows, He does not create good individual Christians, individual ‘saints,’ but an event of communion, which transforms everything the Spirit touches in to a relational being.

There is a pathology built into the very roots of our existence, inherited through our birth, and that is the fear of the other. This is a result of the rejection of the Other par excellence, our Creator, by the first Man, Adam.… The essence of sin is the fear of the Other, which is part of this rejection. Once the affirmation of the “self” is realized through the rejection and not the acceptance of the Other … it is only natural and inevitable for the other to become an enemy and a threat.

Baptism is … nothing other than incorporation into the community…. From the fact that a human being is a member of the Church, he becomes an “image of God,” he exists as God Himself exists, he takes on God’s “way of being.” This way of being … is a way of relationship with the world, with other people and with God, an event of communion, and that is why it cannot be realized as the achievement of an individual, but only as an ecclesial fact….

God is not first one and then three, but simultaneously One and Three.