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St Joseph Peter Uyen (Dinh Nguyen) and St Philip Minh (Van Doan)


St Joseph Peter Uyen Dinh Nguyen (also known as Peter Vyen) was born 1778 in East Tonkin in Vietnam. He was a Dominican tertiary and a lay catechist. He was imprisoned for refusing to deny his faith and died of ill treatment in prison in 1838.

St Philip Minh (Van Doan) was also born in Vietnam. He joined the Society for Foreign Missions of Paris and began studies for the priesthood in Annam in Vietnam. The persecutions of 1834-35 forced the Vietnamese seminarians out of the country, and they continued their studies in the Seminary in Penang (now the College General Seminary in modern Malaysia). St Philip was then ordained a priest with the purpose of working for the Church in Vietnam. After he returned to Vietnam he was taken prisoner in the persecutions of 1853 and beheaded in the same year.
Both men were canonized among the Martyrs of Vietnam by Pope John Paul II in 1988.