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May 25, Saturday  
Saint Bede the Venerable

From his childhood,  Bede was educated in a Benedictine monastery at Jarrow in the north east of  England. He spent practically all his 60 years within its four walls, “always writing, always praying, always reading and always teaching.” Or as he himself put it, “ amid the observance of the monastic discipline and the charge of singing in the church every day, it was ever  my delight to study, teach and write.”

Bede wrote more than forty books on history, physics, music, philosophy, poetry and medicine. But the book by which he is most remembered is The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, a record of the coming of Christianity toEngland and of its growth and development. This voluminous work earned him the title, “Father of English History.”

He was as remarkable for his holiness of life as for his learning, and it was Pope Leo XIII who  raised him to the altars as a confessor and doctor of the Church.